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Our professional email hosting solutions are ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email service featuring webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. We offer spam & virus protection, archiving and a host of other features.


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IT Project Mangement

Scope, Cost, Time and Quality

We offer the best IT project management systems that facilitates all aspects of IT project management, supports multiple IT project management methodologies, is easy to use, and is relatively inexpensive. It also makes a big difference if the solution centralizes collaboration efforts and provides the high accessibility.

Our IT project management solutions involve assessing, prioritizing and planning potential IT projects. This includes determining the scope of work and available resources, assigning resources, and setting expectations for project milestones. Other activities in our management solution include coordinating the project workload, managing the actual work, facilitating communication and collaboration between team members, producing project deliverables, and measuring project's results.

Impressive Innovations employs a sequential, top-down approach to IT project management with the goal of eliminating risk and uncertainty upfront.