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Our professional email hosting solutions are ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email service featuring webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. We offer spam & virus protection, archiving and a host of other features.


Get simplifed technical answers to complex Technical, computing related issues and problems. We provide sound advice and assistance on various computing issues.

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Mobile Apps Design and Development

Designing and devloping Apps that are relvant to everyday life.

Mobile apps have become a huge demand as the growing number of people utilizing smart phones and mobile devices daily increases. Today nearly half of the total world's population uses and accesses the web from a mobile device daily.

We offer innovative solutions for all your mobile applications needs, and - most importantly - we work to help you attract more business. Being both creative and technical, we have extensive experience in creating unique products for our clients which not only stand out visually but are technically engineered to enterprise standards.

We provide integration services allowing applications to integrate seamlessly with third party systems and other applications. It can increase efficiency, avoiding unnecessary data reproduction and provide better security. Our team of designers and developers will work hand in hand with you to craft an intuitive and interactive mobile experience.

We design and develop both web-based apps which are a more flexible alternative and native apps which do not require a constant online presence. Upon request, we provide training and documentation for the developed apps.

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